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Easy, automated membership management for communities, organizations, and clubs.

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The Bercode Platform – from Benefit Barcode, Inc. – connects communities with their members, and with merchants, vendors and local service providers within their network. Bercode is a win-win-win platform.

Reduce your administrative costs with automation and increase membership revenue by providing your members with convenience services and external customer benefits! After paying their fee, members will automatically receive their virtual membership cards that can be displayed in our free app (or they can request it in physical form if they want to).

Give your supporters the gift of a virtual mug. The mug can be viewed in our app and thanks to its augmented reality function, can be displayed on the members desk, who can take photos or record videos of it and share it on their social media.

Win-Win-Win Platform

The virtual membership card or virtual gift will contain a benefit barcode – the bercode – that will give its owner extra benefits through our network of retailers and service providers.

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If your members include retailers or local service providers, you can invite them to become a bercode-accepting partner. With the help of bercodes, the Acceptance Partners can automatically provide the members/supporters with benefits, discounts.

Why would they do that? For several reasons. If members can choose between a store that offers a discount and a store that does not, they are likely to shop where they can get discounts with the bercode.


Traditional membership cards do not offer enough benefits for their owners to always keep the cards with them and use them daily. On the other hand, a virtual membership card that has a bercode on it will provide members with discounts, often more discounts than the amount of the actual membership fee, thereby increasing the satisfaction and thus the number of the members.

If you are interested and would like to try our free services, register and create your free customer profile now at www.bercode.com. No costs and no obligations for you.

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